Review (performance): 2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S Coupé 4MATIC+

Did you know that there is an SUV in 2018 that has better performance 0-100 km/h than the classic Ferrari F40? Did you know that for roughly 100,000 Euro you can buy two cars in one? 

The new Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S 4MATIC + Coupé was tested one week in April 2018, and here is an account of the experiences with this double nature: During the day an intimate travel companion and in the evening quart a burdust animal. 

The GLC 63S is for you who is tired of your Tesla Model X breaking all the time. For those who want to hear the car you drive and who want to drive a luxury German premium SUV with sports car performance.

The superlatives for describing the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63S are insufficient. Words like explosive, incomparable, phenomenal, wild animal, appear in the brain when this high-performance SUV is described for those who have not driven the car. Or maybe you have driven the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63S and recognize the description. GLC 63S is a car that must be experienced to understand how it is to drive.

How fast? Are you kidding? Faster than Ferrari F40?

Yes, 0-100 km/h is completed in 3.8 seconds if you engage Race Mode. That is faster than most so-called high-performance cars on the market today. 

The GLC 63S is faster than a Ferrari 360, almost as fast as the Ferrari F50 and on par with what an early Lamborghini Diablo delivered in terms of acceleration from a stand still. And all of this in a somewhat spacious SUV with room for five. And in a car that can drive on roads where a Ferrari would get stuck.

Another explosive ability of the GLC 63S is its drive-ability on the highway. There is more power under the hood than you’ll ever need. That give you a sense of security. It does not matter what situation you find yourself in, there is always more power available.

OK. The GLC 63S is fast in a straight line. How does it do on the twisty roads?

As long as you have good visibility, you can drive very fast with the GLC 63S. However, you do not want to throw this car into a corner at high speed if you are not sure the roads is clear on the other side of the bend. This car is too heavy, this is not a Mazda MX-5 or a highly controllable Porsche 911.

There are electronics in place to assist you. But still, this is a heavy car and is best enjoyed on the Autobahn or in places where there is room for you and other drivers.

The biggest issue with GLC 63 S and all the GLCs is the thick A-pillar, the one the left (the one of the right not so much). If you are sitting low it can be quite difficult to see what is in front of you, especially when driving through tight corners.

People will comment on or know what you are driving

One of the good things, if you crave attention, is that people will come up to you and discuss the car. Some will comment on the looks without knowing what it is. Others know what it is and maybe want to have a taste of the exhaust sound.

At the time of reviewing this beast there were not many other cars around. In the area where this was tested I am ready to bet money on that there were no other GLC 63 S cruising around that week. So, lots of attention!

SUV Review of 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML 350 CDI BlueTEC

Mercedes M-class has in this and its previous generation evolved to SUVs worthy of their name. The first M-Class that I had a chance to drive was the ML 430. This was in late 2007 and the car was great fun. However the interior build quality was poor, as something out of South Korea and it was a mixture of very old and new Mercedes-Benz design elements both inside and outside. This ML 350 CDI is something different. It has a smooth exterior design and the interior is just as stylish.

Mercedes ML is easy to drive – The tested SUV had air suspension, where comfort was incredibly nice. It rocked like an old American car and was quite unlike the experience with the sport mode of the suspension.

The latter is preferable if you drive on curvy road, comfort, location ML generates namely body movement that requires a practiced hand to master when the road turns sharply.

Mercedes ML insulates you from the outside world – that you sit high creates a good overview and raise the car (electronic) you are king of the road. At least until it where black fuming Dodge RAM: a turn up next to you.

Compared with large parts of the Swedish car fleet as the ML great. Compared with the US, it is the ML is not quite so great. I have been driving in Los Angeles and really understand the benefits of a larger vehicle, especially a comfort position on suspension as of this tested Luxury SUV.

Mercedes ML is a glider – SUV has the capacity under the bonnet but it is when you run quiet as the car gives the most back.

The steering is good to be such a big car, and you can easily tune with just a few fingers. If you also reversing camera and got parking aid (Parktronic) you will be able to handle even the smallest city streets parking spaces.

Mercedes ML stands out – there GLK drew glances from the younger people, it was the elderly gentlemen who stared at ML.

ML exudes confidence, pampighet in a relatively economical package. An SUV that hankering for, the tested car cost just over 600 000 SEK. A lot of money that requires his wallet and maybe you worked up a few years. The GLK is more affordable for the younger buyer, especially those used copies.

Mercedes ML is fun to drive – Driving pleasure is subjective and for me it’s about being able to run active even when the road is narrow and tortuous. Highway Mangel in all its glory but it is on the smaller roads that good cars are separated from crappy cars.

ML is a great car. It shows very clearly on twisting roads. During active driving heaves ML forward like a blue whale, the torque is massive. The brakes cut down the speed at the meeting with the farmer’s tractor to seconds later released and let ML stretch again.

Mercedes ML has a cruel torque – 620 Nm enough and to spare. Along with the sport mode of the suspension to handle ML overtaking and active driving in a very good way. It is no problem to get rid of the driving license because you have to keep an eye on the speedometer when you accelerate on. You do not know how fast it goes and what the smaller crossover really feel like 50 is the ML rather the equivalent to 70-90 km / h.

The SUV that I drove was amply equipped. Air suspension, AIRMATIC DC, is an optional keypad 20,000 dollars and something that I think is money well invested. Depending on the speed and features of the road adapts the suspension to the specialization chosen, sport or comfort. There is an increasing function, may occur during the process, which raises / lowers the car 3 cm. Used to advantage at a red light to boast about the car’s features, but also when driving where every centimeter counts. I raised e.g. car before I drove out onto the forest road for photography and video recording. Information in English:

If you are a speculator on a Mercedes ML is likely Night View Assist a healthy option. Via an IR camera, an image appears on the screen inside the car. It will be easier to identify pedestrians, animals and obstacles that you can not see as easily with your eye in the spotlight. Option for just over 14,000 kronor.

Mercedes ML is probably quite skilled in the terrain. SUV is probably a perfect car for those who want to combine the areas of safety and comfort. The car is probably easy to load and haul heavy trailers with.